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MLT Ring Installation

Providing industry leading solutions to ever-changing needs of the Oil and Gas Industry, Vast Energy offers installation services of Multi-Lobe Torque, or MLT Rings. MLT Rings are an innovative, patented technology, designed and developed by Volant Products Inc., and available for the complete range of API tubing and casing sizes.

MLT Rings are custom selected for each application by measuring the depth of an area at the coupling center called the J-Section. A hydraulic ram is then used to push the ring into the connection. Once MLT Rings have been installed, tubing connections can be torqued to significantly higher values without the risk of damaging pipe threads and connection integrity due to over penetration. For example, with MLT Rings installed, torques of up to 3,500 ft-lbs are possible in 3.5-inch EUE tubing applications. Higher make-up torque can prevent Connection Backoffs and reduce the need for Down-Hole Hardware such as No-Turn tools and Anchors.

The MLT Ring also provides a smooth, continuous inner diameter along the length of the production tubing: this reduces friction; increases productivity; eliminates washout which can damage exposed collar threads within the J-Section; allows for more effective use of tool running and servicing with coil tubing; eliminates build up in the coupling during cement squeezes; reduces annular turbulence; reduces the risk of thread galling by preventing sand migration into threads; reduces rod wear caused by build-up or bridging of sand in the coupling center section; and increases connection life.

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