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Slide Blind

The Vast Energy Slide Blind is a patented, registered fitting which provides a faster, safer, and ergonomic alternative to a traditional spectacle blind for the purpose of pipe maintenance and servicing applications in a variety of industrial plant settings.


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Unlike other pipe blind variants such as the spectacle blind, the Vast Energy’s Slide Blind requires only the removal of the studs on the interior of the blind and the loosening of the four exterior studs in order to be swiftly transitioned from “operation” to “blanked” configuration. When included as part of the initial installation of plant facilities, the need for pipe and gasket realignment during blanking operations is eliminated. Quick transitioning and maintained gasket placement result in significantly less product loss in the standing pipe during operation.

The handle design provides increased ease of operation and installation, and can also be used as a lifting point for a crane, specifically useful for safe installation on larger format blinding applications.


The Vast Energy Slide Blind is ABSA Approved and falls under ASME B16.48 Line Blind Standards.  It can be custom manufactured to customer specifications, including stainless steel. All manufacturing information is printed on the handle of the slide blind.

Proper Use

The Slide Blind requires the operator to:

  1. Loosen all Studs
  2. Remove Studs which are through the Blind Face
  3. Slide the Blind
  4. Replace the Studs & Tighten

Sizes Available

2″ through 12″ in the Traditional Design

14″ and up in the Multi Design

The Slide Blind is ABSA Approved and comes in ANSI ratings from 150 – 900

2″ – 24″ ASME 16.48B

Over 24″ ASME B31.3