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Health, Safety, & Environmental Policy



Safety is an integral part of our company’s operations as we incorporate safety in all aspects of our daily operations in each element of our HSE program. It is intended to protect our employees, clients, property, the environment and the public from accidental and unnecessary losses.

HSE Goals

Our number one goal is to have an accident free workplace where all employees return home safely to their families every night. Through good communication, training, and supervision develop a positive corporate climate where employees are safe and are encouraged to voice safety concerns. Through the implementation and monitoring of rules, procedures and training we strive for zero loss time accidents or work related injuries, illness, medical or first aids. Through our preventive maintenance and inspection system, our goal is to have zero mechanical, operational or system failures which will affect the company as a whole. Through proper waste management and adopting the, reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy we intend to minimize our carbon footprint where possible.


The company is responsible to review their HSE policies and manual yearly to ensure the information contained is relevant to the company’s scope of work, industry and legislative standards. At least yearly the company will set annual goals, aims and objectives related to how we are to fulfill our HSE policy as part of our business planning process and will seek continuous improvement in each of the elements identified in the HSE manual.

Managers are responsible for providing sufficient budgetary resources to fulfill safety responsibilities and requirements can be fulfilled. This will ensure that safety equipment, supplies and training is available and to ensure that equipment is properly maintained. Hold workers accountable for their actions and praise successes. Most importantly, managers must led by example to promote and foster a safe work environment.

Supervisors are responsible for identifying safety needs, communicating safety hazards, investigating hazardous conditions and accidents, providing proper orientations and training, supplying or wearing appropriate safety and personal, protective equipment and ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained and meets legislated safety standards. Their role is supported by input from all workers.

All Vast Energy workers, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and others on company work sites are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following established safe work practices and procedures, wearing and using personal protective equipment as required, participating in safety training inspection programs and meeting and informing supervisors of any unsafe acts or work conditions that may exist. Management and all workers must also comply with federal, provincial, and municipal regulations as well as industry recommended practices. Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse to work when it is unsafe to continue. Each worker from management down is responsible for working safely and for working with an equal concern for the safety of their fellow workers. By fulfilling our safety responsibilities with due diligence everyone who works for our company will share the benefits of a safe work place.


Employees, contractors, sub-contractors or visitors who knowingly violate safety rules or violate regulatory requirements will face disciplinary action, dismissal or legal action.

Corrective Action

We are committed to take appropriate corrective action to promptly and effectively respond to and address health, safety and environmental impacts caused by our activities in order to protect our employees, clients, property, the environment and the public.