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Since 2002, Vast Energy Services has been a revolutionary oilfield service provider and tool provider based out of Lloydminster AB. We are committed to delivering high value products and services for the Oil & Gas Industry throughout the world. We believe in long term business relationships and ensuring our clients succeed as much as we do.


Increase Productivity, Drive Value, Reduce Costs, and Improve Safety. Vast Energy Services is constantly developing technologies and products to compete with the largest oil and gas technologies companies in the world and looks to take its place as one of the premier developers and suppliers of highly productive, safety conscious products and services to the global industry of oil and gas production.


Our mission is to improve productivity and reliability within the oil and gas industry through the pioneering of smarter and safer technologies.


Utilizing practical knowledge from years of experience in the field, the team at Vast Energy Services is constantly integrating revolutionary ideas to create products to increase productivity and safety in the competitive and expanding industry of oil and gas energy production. Vast Energy Services currently holds patents on a variety of products and provides several services which are setting the stage for an entirely new era in the oil and gas industry.

Advanced Technology

Our Revolutionary products are designed by professionals and are setting the stage for an entirely new era in the Oil & Gas Industry

Highly Experienced

With more than 30 years of real world field experience ensures we know how to design and build the proper tools for job at hand.

Quality Driven

Designed & Manufactured in Canada to the highest standards. All products go through rigorous testing before, during, and after Production.

Customer Focused

Ensuring we increase our customer’s productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety is something we not only strive for, but make sure of throughout the relationship.